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Why Startup Legal

We are agents of change.

Getting answers to common legal questions and obtaining legal advice is often costly and hard to do. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we created Startup Legal to make it easier for startups to get high quality legal help at an affordable price. That means less red tape and more growing your business.

Our Philosophy

Let's improve access to justice.

There is one 1 lawyer for every 330 Americans yet, only the top 20% of income earners typically have access to one. We have a problem with that. We want to make sure that all people, especially the backbone of American business (entrepreneurs) have access.

You Come First

Put the customer above all else.

Just like you, we believe that we must put the customer above all else. Your privacy, satisfaction and quality or our product is of utmost concern to us. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can cancel your subscription at any time with no hassles.

You'll love working with your assigned Attorney

Lawyers that get startups.

“Having advised thousands of businesses over the course of my career, I am well aware of the various ways business owners find themselves in trouble. I enjoy being proactive and helping business owners focus on growing their businesses and worry less about the legal issues.”
Mario Jaramillo
Startup Legal Provider Attorney

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