Startup Legal

Worry less about legal issues and build your business with confidence

Plan Features

Consultations with a Lawyer

Speak with a lawyer regularly. If you are on a monthly plan, you can do that up to 3 times a month. For annual subscribers, you can speak with your attorney on unlimited basis for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Access to Legal Forms

Access common legal forms 24/7 like:

-Non-Disclosure Agreement

-Software licensing agreement

Buy/Sell agreement

Business Check Up

Through our integration with TrakLight you can get a comprehensive business check up to determine if there are any deficiencies a lawyer needs to help you address. Access this anytime through your customer portal.

Document Reviews

Your plan also includes document reviews of 10 pages or less. Have a lawyer advise you before entering into an agreement or if you plan to dispute an agreement such as a product warranty issue.

Letters & Calls

Need to have something clarified by your lawyer? No problem, your Startup Legal plan includes a letter or phone call to another party if your lawyer determines it will help resolve the issue your experiencing.

Debt Collection Assistance

Sometimes business doesn't work out as planned and you are left being owed money by someone else. Your lawyer, can help you collect on that bad debt by sending a demand letter on your behalf.

Personal Matters

Your plan not only covers your business, but personal matters as well. Have a neighbor dispute? An issue with your kids school? No problem, your assigned lawyer is ready to help.

Simple Will

Your business or your home are likely your biggest assets. Your assigned lawyer will craft your will at no additional charge to make sure you decide what happens to your assets.

25% off other services

Sometimes you need additional legal work. If you need to hire your assigned lawyer for additional services they will provide you with a 25% discount on all transactional work.

Derrick Montiel Sala Coffee


Don't take our word for it.

“When launching Sala Coffee, there were several issues that came up related to my business entity, licensing, lease agreements and more. My Startup Legal attorney helped me understand it all and now we are open for business.”
Derrick Montiel
Sala Coffee Owner

Flat Affordable Pricing

No hidden charges, affordable legal help is finally here.

Choose a monthly plan or save 20% by subscribing annually

$ 24.95


  • 3 attorney advice calls per month
  • 2 attorney contract reviews (10 pages)
  • Unlimited access to legal forms
  • 25% discount on non-covered services
$ 239

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Annual - Save 20%

  • Unlimited attorney advice calls
  • Unlimited attorney contract reviews (10 pages)
  • Unlimited access to legal forms
  • 25% discount on non-covered services